Catered Hawaiian Shaved Ice Party
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Catered Hawaiian Shaved Ice Party

Catered Hawaiian Shaved Ice Party

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Hawaiian Shaved Ice treats for you and your guests!
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You do not have to wait to go to Hawaii to enjoy Hawaii’s coldest and tastiest shaved ice cream. This catered Hawaiian shaved ice cream party package has got you covered. Guests at your party or event get to enjoy fun tasty fluffy snow-like mounds of goodness in a cup. Our assortment of flavor options are to die for and every taste feels like paradise. Get to satisfy your sweet tooth, cool off from the heat, and enjoy a scoop of goodness with every bite. Get this catered Hawaiian Shaved ice in South Hill. It is one of the most sought-after Adult Party Zone Rentals.

You supply the party guests; we supply the Concessions tent, the equipment needed, all the supplies to make these tasty treats and an attendant to operate the machine and serve your party attendees.  We have a large assortment of delicious flavors and for your guests with special dietary needs - we also offer sugar free Syrups.  A fun and tasty fluffy snow-like mound of goodness in a cup.

If this catered Hawaiian Shaved Ice package does not meet your event needs perfectly, my staff will be happy to create a customized Catered party package just for your event.  My staff and experienced party planners will assist you in putting together a perfect and all-inclusive Concessions snack package that will leave your guests singing your praises and begging to be invited to your next event. In addition to the Hawaiian Shaved Ice, we offer catered Flavored Kettle Corn and Cotton Candy options.  Please call us to discuss all your party rental options.


 Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine