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Bouncin' B's Party Checklist

Inflatable Event Professionals in Tacoma Party Checklist

Please call us at 253-353-9797 if you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming event.
Inflatable Event Professionals is your Inflatable Event Professionals in Tacoma and we want your event to go as smoothly
as possible so here are a few tips and reminders...
  • We will be calling you the day before the event in late afternoon or early evening with an estimated delivery time for your rental items.  In order to get all of our Bounce Houses and equipment delivered by the scheduled party times we often have to arrive several hours in advance. There is no fee for extra time and your rental will still last the scheduled amount of time. If an early delivery will be a problem, please notify our office as soon as possible.
  • Please have the driveway cleared of cars and other obstacles before we get there as well as when we arrive later for pick-up.
  • Please make sure that there is a flat, clear path from the street all the way to your set up area. Some of the larger units require a 4-5' path since they are so large. Grass or pavement is preferred, but a rock walkway is acceptable. If you have stairs or a tiered or sloping backyard please call the office to discuss setup options.
  • Please clear the set up area of large debris, rocks or sharp objects and animal waste. We can't set up any inflatable units on rocks or wood chips. Make sure tree limbs are trimmed and adequate space and height is available for the bounce house you have rented.
  •  We need a responsible adult at the party location when we deliver to sign our contract, waiver, receive operator training and if necessary make the final payment.
  • If you have a residential sprinkler system installed make sure it is turned off a few days before your event (especially for water slide rentals). This will help keep the wheels of our dolly from sinking in your yard.  We also need to make sure that the sprinkler does not come on automatically underneath the bounce house.
  • If your special event will be at a park, please tell us. The customer is responsible for obtaining the proper permission and/or permits for equipment rented and placed in parks or at other public locations. An electrical outlet must be available within 75 feet of the party site. If no electricity is available, a generator will be required. We do have generators available for rent in our party supply section. If proof of insurance is required, please allow 5 business days for processing requests. All of Pierce County Parks are currently listed on our insurance policy as an additional insured.   All renters must remain with the equipment from the time we deliver the unit and until our driver arrives to pick-up.
  • Please call as early as possible if you need to cancel due to weather or any other reason. If, on the day of your rental, rain, high winds or other severe weather conditions is predicted you will be given the option to cancel your rental and reschedule at no additional charge.  However, once the unit and equipment has left our warehouse, there are no refunds or rain checks. Cancellations can be made up to 10 days prior to an event without penalty.
  • Payment is due the day before the delivery, our drivers cannot setup unless the party is paid in full. 
  • If you ever need something from us that will help you, please don't hesitate to ask. In addition to Bounce Houses, Water Slides and Games, we can add things like Popcorn Machines, Snow Cone Machines, Generators, Tents, Tables and Chairs up until the night before your party!
Inflatable Event Professionals reserves the right to refuse rental if we deem the area to be unsafe, an excessive distance away from our truck, inaccessible, likely to cause damage to our units and equipment or will put our delivery crew at risk.