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General Information

Reservations and Deposits
All reservations with Inflatable Event Professionals require a non-refundable deposit to secure each booking. In the event of a cancellation received 10 days prior to the scheduled event, your deposit will be applied in full towards a rescheduled reservation with us - Deposits obtained will never expire.

All final payments are due the day before delivery/set-up. Payment must be made in cash, money order or business checks, we also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Paypal.  If you are paying with cash, please have the correct amount.  For their safety, our employees do not carry change.

On the day of the event the unit will be delivered 30 minutes to 4 hours prior to your party's start time. Upon arrival an adult must be present before setup can begin. Once the unit is setup it cannot be moved.  ATTENTION: Drivers CANNOT go up and down stairs and/or hills, etc. Set up location must be easily accessible from the delivery vehicle.


It will take approximately 45 minutes to set up, inspect for safety, check operation, provide operator training and go over the contract guidelines. Most Inflatables require a minimum space of 20x20 square feet and a height of 20 feet. Some of the units need more space and will be discussed at the time of reservation. It is the customer's responsibility to measure in advance and ensure there is adequate space and provide a flat clean area for set up clear of sharp objects, debris and/or pet waste. A household electrical outlet must be available within 75 feet of where unit will be placed. If electricity is not available a generator must be used (there is an additional fee for renting a generator).


Rentals will be picked up within 2 hours of your requested end time. Let us know if an exact pick-up time is needed. Please understand that it will take approximately 30 minutes for the break down and removal of each unit. NOTE: Larger units and larger functions may require more time.

Sprinkler Systems
Inflatable Event Professionals is not liable for any damage done to sprinkler systems, customer will be responsible for letting our Drivers know where they are to avoid any damage. For overnight rentals sprinkler systems must be turned off to avoid water damage to our equipment. Please don't water your lawn 48 hours prior to the set up time.

Operating Procedure

Please refer to all instructions and guidelines listed on the paperwork that comes along with your rental contract. We also provide a Customer Reference book for each rental that contains a copy of your rental agreement, a copy of the safety rules, extreme weather instructions and a copy of our Safety permit from the State of Washington. The reference book is dropped off with the bouncer and is picked up with the unit at the end of the event.  It is important that all users follow the rules and instructions listed on agreement and in the Customer Reference Book.

Loss of Power

The unit will start to deflate when there is a loss of electrical power. Should this happen it is important to stay calm. The individual(s) supervising the event should help all users safely but quickly exit the unit. Once everyone has exited check to see if the power to the blower has been interrupted and make sure the power switch on the blower is in the "ON" position.


If the unit becomes damaged while operating, assist all users off of unit and deflate immediately. Do not attempt to continue operating unit and contact our office immediately.


No pets allowed in units-their claws will damage the unit and the lessee will be liable for tears caused during rental period.


If unit is damaged in any way due to user neglect or disregarding the safety rules, the customer may be subject to repair or cleanup fees. All safety rules reviewed with a responsible adult when the unit is dropped off and a copy remains at the party location in the Customer Reference Book. Credit Cards for reservation may be kept on file up to the date of the event and charged to recover any losses up to and including unit being out of service until it is repaired or replaced.

Additional Fees
  • Late pickup fee -20%
  • Overnight Fees - 40%
  • Park Delivery Fee - $100.00
  • Same Day Rental Fee - 20%
  • Using water in a dry unit rental - $100.00 to $200.00 depending on the size of the unit
  • Using Silly String or body paint in or around our units - Up to the replacement cost of the unit
  • Putting Glitter or Confetti in our unit - $500.00 or up to the replacement cost of the unit. 
  • Site Prep Fees - Pet Droppings or other work needed to make the site ready for setup - $25.00 to $100.00

Poor Weather

Should lightning heavy rain and/or winds occur at the time of rental, you should evacuate the unit as quickly and safely as possible. Both Inflatable Event Professionals and the customer reserve the right to cancel due to inclement weather – Your Safety & Fun Are #1.
Rain-checks are issued if 
Inflatable Event Professionals cannot set up because of rain, snow, high winds or muddy conditions.  Rain checks will be kept on file and are good for up to 1 year from your cancellation date and will be applied towards a future reservation.

If the customer chooses to have Inflatable Event Professionals set up and we find the weather conditions are not appropriate for our bounce houses/slide combos your deposit will not be returned and you will not be issued a rain check.  

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations (non-weather related) are subject to cancelation fees.

Cancellations are accepted as long as it is received 10 days prior to the scheduled event.  Your deposit can go toward a future rental date.

Large events require a 50% non-refundable deposit to lock in the reservation. If the event is rescheduled, the deposit may be applied in full to a future reservation. If the event is canceled a credit will be kept on file “Large Events only”.

Smaller events and private parties $500 and over also require a credit card and 50% deposit to hold the reservation.

Smaller events and private parties under $500 require a credit card and a $100.00 deposit to hold the reservation. 

If a cancellation occurs under the 10 day window of the reservation scheduled; then the deposit is non-refundable.  
If, on the day of your rental, rain, high winds or other severe inclement weather is predicted you will be given the option to cancel your rental and reschedule at no additional cost. However, once the equipment has left our warehouse, there are no refunds or rain checks. 
Please note that all cancellations MUST BE IN WRITING (E-mail) and sent to:

Inflatable Event Professionals reserves the right to cancel any reservation or portion thereof.  We also reserve the right to conclude an event early due to inclement weather, unsafe, unclean, or unfit conditions for our equipment or staff.


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