Bocce Ball
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Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball

    • Actual Size: 34 x 10
    • Setup Area: 34 X 10
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Bocce Ball by Playaboule

This classic lawn bowl game now comes with LED lighting!!


What is your ideal plan when it comes to keeping the guests at your social or corporate party entertained? Well, it's this adult yard game party rental that's your ideal plan. The classic lawn bowl game is taken to a whole new level with bocce balls that come with vibrant colors and LED lighting to add a spark of color and light to your event. As the ball goes up in the air and lights up, your guests will light up with anticipation and excitement! To add in more fun, create teams and have them compete and see everyone come to life.  This is a favorite among party rentals in Tacoma. Simply a must-have for that fun-filled, attention-grabbing outdoor event or party.

In this classic lawn game, your guests compete by ‘bowling’ their balls closest to the target ball (or cue ball).  Bocce is played with nine balls.  There are 8 large balls and the small white cue ball. Each team receives 4 large balls. After the coin toss, Start the game by throwing the small white ball or cue ball onto the lawn or play area.  The winner of the coin toss gets to throw the first ball.  Each team then tries to throw their balls closest to the cue ball.   It is part of the game to try and knock your opponents balls away from the cue ball. When all the balls have been thrown, points are awarded for the balls closest to the cue ball.  The first team that earns 16 points is the winner.  If the ball is outside the play area, it is considered out of bounds and is not counted.

Comes with Balls, cue ball, and carrying case

Yard Game played between two players or two teams (consisting of 1, 2, or 4 players)