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Reasons Why You Need to Have a Company Event 

Company parties are often the 1st item chopped from the budget to save money. Given the choice to delete the weekly catered lunch, new desk chairs, or a company event, most people believe the company event is the easiest budget item to trim.

Company Event

Recent surveys of 400 small business owners and found that that 96% said company events yield a positive ROI. Every company can benefit from having company events. The size of the company or the industry you are in does not matter.  Whether you have an annual awards dinner, a picnic, or a holiday party, gather your employees for a company event and see these benefits:

Improve Company Core Values and Culture:  Employees want to work for companies where they feel engaged and appreciated. Employees that are engaged in their work are 87% less likely to leave their companies. It’s worth having events to keep employees engaged and happy. Words on a poster or in the company slogan don’t mean as much as showing them your appreciation through a company event

Validate Employees:  If you’ve had a great quarter or year, celebrate! Bring your best clients and employees together for a company celebration. Everyone loves to be acknowledged for their work. Celebrating successes rewards the effort your employees put into making it happen. It allows them to relax, have fun, and know they are valued.  Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and a company event is a great way to celebrate the great job that all your employees are doing.

Engaging Employees: A Gallup study found that only 13% of employees are engaged at work. Company planned events help employees feel engaged because they see that they are valued. They can see their importance in the company and the time and energy that went into the making the event possible. Even a small event, a company lunch or picnic can lead to a major boost in employee attitudes.

Team Building: Company events are a great way to bring your team closer together. Team building events can bring down walls or barriers between employees in the workplace. Having a strong team at work makes employees more excited to come to work and put their best effort into a project.

Connect Leaders and Employees: There’s often a gap in the workplace between leadership and employees. You can reduce this gap by providing everyone with a place outside of work to get to know each other. These relationships can work magic in the office. Company events allow everyone to relax. There’s nothing like seeing the CEO with his kids at a picnic. Instead of worrying about saying the right thing in front of their boss, employees can focus on having fun and seeing the boss in a new light. It goes both ways—leaders can also see the employee as a person and understand who they are outside of the office.

Building Relationships: Talking and spending time together outside the office can be a major boost in teamwork. The bonds people make at company events transfer back to the work place. Employees can connect in new ways and might find similarities with their colleagues they never knew. Company events also bring together employees of all levels from different areas or departments at the company.

Networking: Aside from the personal relationships, company events can also be vital for networking. Employees can meet new co-workers or customers in person to make real connections. The most effective networking happens in a relaxed setting where you already have a connection.

Promote Creativity: Taking a team outside their normal surroundings and putting them into a new environment will force them to think outside the box.

Get New and Fresh Ideas: Working in the same environment every day can get repetitive and be a drain on productivity. Just like batteries, humans need to be recharged. Taking a break from work for a company event allows the team to recharge and get new and fresh ideas

Boost Company Morale: Company events are great for boosting company morale. Parties are proven to lead to a boost in positive feelings about the company from your employees. Company parties or events can mean the difference between happy and engaged employee and people who feel like they are just a part of the machine and are only there for the paycheck.

Reducing Stress: Every job is stressful at times. With deadlines, customer demands, and tough bosses it can be overwhelming. Company events allow your employees to take a break and just relax. A company event or celebration after a big project or busy season can reduce stress and motivate employees through the tougher times.

Improve Motivation: When morale is high, employees tend to be more motivated. Therefore, productivity goes through the roof. Happy employees are productive employees. Productive teams are one of the main drivers of success in your business, so this reason is enough to host a company event! A fun activity, party, or dinner can provide a break for employees, a chance to relax and spend some quality time with co-workers.

Plan a Company Event - A company event should be an important part of your strategy to engage your employees. Well-planned events can be a powerful way to encourage and develop motivated employees who are excited to come to work. Company events improve your company image, strengthen teams, promote creativity, and boost morale.

Get started now - create a company event plan, find what works for your business, and throw a great event. It will get people out of their desks and talking, and that’s a win!

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