Giant Root Beer Pong, 12 can set
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Giant Root Beer Pong, 12 can set

Giant Root Beer Pong, 12 can set

    • Actual Size: 25W x 25L
    • Setup Area: 25W x 25L
    • Outlets: 0
    • Attendants: 0

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Giant Root Beer Pong, 12 cans - $190.00 for rental up to 6 hours
Our giant sized version of Pong is a must have game choice! 
Order our 32 Gallon red plastic "cups" and an oversized "pong ball" for your next event.



A giant pong ball and a set of 12 32-gallon cans is the recipe for a mind-blowing and fun-filled party or event. You play this game the same way as pong.  The object is to throw or bounce the ball into the other teams’ buckets and eliminate all of the other teams' buckets before they eliminate all of your team’s buckets. With this classic party game rental, your guests will have a whole new perspective of fun because they are in for a wild ride. The root beer toss game is redefined because it is bigger and better, and guests will have an experience like no other. Do not leave the entertainment of your guests to chance go all the way and make their attendance worthwhile. Fun for kids of all ages -With our new Giant Pong game, you take the excitement of the game of pong to the next level. This is a favorite among Tacoma party rentals. Get it by searching for ‘party games near me.

Make sure to have at least 30 ft for the game setup. The Red cans and the balls are included. Create your teams and get the party started by throwing the volleyball towards the red cans, if it makes it in the can then remove the can and set aside. The team with no cans left is the loser and the other team gets the bragging rights!  Call the staff of Inflatable Event Professionals in Tacoma to get your party started.