Jello Shot GIANT Hardwood Game
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Giant Jello Shot Hardwood Game Rental

Giant Jello Shot Hardwood Game Rental

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Jello Shot Giant Hardwood Game
Stacks to 5+ feet


With this giant game rental, you get 54 precision crafted and beautifully colored blocks giant blocks to stack up. The blocks can be stacked at tall as your talent can take you and is a great addition to any type of party. Play as a team and start a competition or at your leisure as individuals, Find out who among the guests at your party or event will bring the tower tumbling down. Players / teams take turns removing the colored blocks and placing the blocks on the top of the tower. The goal is to build the tower as high as possible (using only one hand) --- without making the tower fall and tumble to the ground.

This game brings a unique and unexpected twist because the blocks come with hidden spots for jello shots. So, in addition to trying to keep the stack of blocks tall and standing, strive to get yourself some jello shots by finding the block with the hidden jello spots. Create an environment with lots of fun and excitement. Get this adult party rental in University Place by searching for ‘Game Rentals near me.’

This rental can be played by one or more players and is now available for rent from Inflatable Event Professionals serving Tacoma and surrounding areas. It is perfect for bachelor/ bachelorette parties, weddings, ladies night out, reunions, backyard parties, etc. You can feel the thrill and anticipation in the air, rise with every move as you wait to see who will bring the tower tumbling down. If you are looking to have everyone delighted, engaged and having a great time, this game rental from Inflatable Event Professionals in Tacoma is perfect for your event.

Jello Shot hardwood game