Giant Beer Pong, 12 cans
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Giant Beer Pong, 12 cans

Giant Beer Pong, 12 cans

    • Actual Size: 25W x 25L
    • Setup Area: 25W x 25L
    • Outlets: 0
    • Attendants: 0

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Giant Beer Pong, 12 cans
Reserve our 32 Gallon red plastic "Cups" and an oversized "Pong Ball" for your event! $190.00 for a 6 hour rental period



If you enjoy a good game of pong when you hang out with your friends, then having this giant yard game rental for your party or event will not only leave you speechless with excitement, but it will also leave your guests pleasantly surprised when they find 12 humongous 32 gallon cups in place of the small classic cans, an oversized pong ball, and the bigger and better pong game experience that awaits. The object is to throw or bounce the ball into the other teams’ buckets and eliminate all of the other teams' buckets before they eliminate all of yours. Perfect for BBQ’s, birthday parties, backyard competitions and its lots of fun. Let the pong ball game champion among your guests prove themselves by putting their skills to the test. This giant yard game rental is bigger and better on interaction, fun, and excitement. Get this adult party rental from the exciting range of adult party rentals Tacoma and the surrounding areas. Make sure to have at least 30 ft of space for the game setup area.

Adult Party Game Fun - With our new Giant Pong game, you take the excitement of the game of pong to the next level.  The rules of the game are simple. The teams of opposing players take turns throwing the pong balls (red volleyballs) across the playing area to make it into the red cans of the opposing team. Once the ball lands in a can, it is removed and taken to the side, and the game continues. If both teams hit the cans, the balls are rolled back. Both teams have the chance to throw the balls again. The team that successfully hits and removes all the opposing team’s cans wins the game!